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  • What is a FAQ section?
    A frequently asked questions section is used to quickly answer common questions about your business. E.g.,"Where do you ship?", "What are your business hours?" or "How can I reserve a service?
  • What possibilities are there to support Agua Tica?
    Any person, company or public institution can support Agua Tica. If you are an individual you can access the Banco Nacional de Internet Banking website ( and in the donations section you can make a direct contribution, another way is through the Amigos of Costa Rica website (, or you can request your BN Water Debit card at your nearest branch. If you are a company or institution, it is possible for you to be part of Agua Tica by joining the fund and becoming an adherent trustor, with a contribution to the capital of the trust, or you can make a donation or propose a specific project.
  • How can I join Agua Tica?
    In order for a company or institution to become a member of Agua Tica, it must make a formal request to the Agua Tica Board of Directors, which will analyze the case and vote on its acceptance and submit it to the Constituent Assembly.
  • I have a business and I would like to offset my water footprint. How can I do it?
    This is possible through an aquifer recharge compensation or reabsorption project, through which we calculate the cubic meters of water that are integrated into the system through protection schemes, regeneration and good practices. If you would like us to design a project for you, please contact us and we will discuss the scope of the project.
  • What water conservation projects has Agua Tica already successfully carried out?
    We have several ongoing projects, such as the Nature Water Replenishment project (Coca Cola FEMSA), INTEL's Water Restoration project, FIFCO's potential aquifer recharge project, among others.
  • What methods exist to conserve water?
    There are several approaches to conserve water resources, some of them based on green infrastructure, nature-based solutions, adaptation of ecosystems, others that are closely linked to the individual commitment of people, and their change of habits in order to be efficient with the use of water, such as taking a shower for less time, turning off the tap when not using water, rainwater harvesting, efficient irrigation systems, among other things.
  • Does Costa Rica have a water problem?
    Costa Rica, being a tropical country, does not have water scarcity problems, but it does have water availability problems, since many of the surface waters are totally polluted due to the lack of wastewater treatment, reducing the available water that could be used for human consumption and other productive activities.
  • How does Agua Tica offset my water footprint?
    Compensation is provided through monetary recognition to landowners who have areas located in aquifer recharge zones, which allow infiltration and help sustain the country's aquifers.
  • No tengo cuenta PayPal. ¿Cómo puedo pagar?
    En el proceso de pago de Paypal puede seleccionar "Pagar como invitado". A continuación, puede pagar con tarjeta de crédito.
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