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Costa Rican Initiative Selected Among the Five Best in the World for Water Protection

The judges noted Agua Tica’s potential to be adapted, replicated and scaled to achieve global impact.

Thanks to its innovative nature to address the great global challenge of water security, Agua Tica, the first public-private water fund in Costa Rica, has been recognized as a top-five initiative in the world.

The selection occurred during the Expo 2020 Dubai-Spotlighting SDG Solutions session of the SDG Action Zone, held at the United Nations in New York City. The judges highlighted the Agua Tica’s potential to be adapted, replicated and scaled to achieve global impact.

Agua Tica was one of five projects selected in the Water, Food, and Energy Security category. In addition to four other sustainability categories, a total of 25 projects will be exhibited at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Global Best Practice Program.

This forum singled out Agua Tica among 1,175 proposals from 141 countries as a powerful solution to the greatest global challenges addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“We celebrate Agua Tica’s selection to participate in the 2020 Expo of Dubai’s Global Best Practice Program. This award recognizes an innovative initiative that provides solutions to one of the greatest challenges of our planet, water security. As Chair of your Board of Directors, I am proud and confident that Agua Tica will manage public and private investments that positively impact ecosystems in Costa Rica’s Greater Metropolitan Area and thus contribute to its citizens having better quality and quantity of water to meet their needs,” said Flora Montealegre, Chair of Agua Tica’s Board of Directors.

© Cristina Weidlich, 2017.

“This selection is an honor and a great opportunity to position Agua Tica worldwide and a great opportunity to continue building alliances, not only to strengthen the initiative, but also increase its impact through specific projects that ensure water security for the population, industries that need water for their commercial activities, as well as for ecosystems,” points out Manuel Guerrero, Technical Manager of Agua Tica.

© Manuel Guerrero, 2019.

Brief Overview of Agua Tica

Agua Tica, the country's first water fund, protects water sources in the subwatersheds of the Grande and Virilla Rivers, both of which feed into the Tárcoles River basin. Civil-society, public, and private institutions participate in this collaborative partnership. Water sources of the Greater Metropolitan Area face great pressures due to high population growth, lack of land use planning, and development. This reality obligates the nation to take actions that secure water in quantity and quality. The science-based initiative supports and prioritizes cooperative public-private projects as well as seeks their efficient investment in water conservation. The water fund receives funding from public and private investors.

Notable Projects

Replenishment of water to natural systems, with the support of The Coca Cola System and The Nature Conservancy. • Aquifer recharge to compensate the water footprint, with the support of Florida Ice & Farm. • Piloting of LandScale, a tool to measure landscape status, with the support of IUCN.


• 1.9 million people across 33 counties

• 1.2 million inhabitants

• 164,000 hectares in the area of influence

• 33 counties

• 23 subwatersheds

• 14 protected areas

• Actions in the Tárcoles River watershed, the most contaminated in the country

Board of Directors

• President, CRUSA Foundation

• Vice President, UNAGUAS

• Secretary, ESPH

• Treasurer, The Nature Conservancy

• Member-at-large, FIFCO

• Member-at-large, FEMSA Foundation

• Member-at-large, Water Authority

• President of the Security Committee, AyA

• Technical Secretary, FUNDECOR

Strategic Partners

• Legal counsel, BLP

• Financial Advisor, the National Bank

• Technical Support, UNA

For more information, please direct correspondence to

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