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Children playing in clean water source.

Agua Tica
We invest in
Water Conservation

What is Tica Water?

Our goal, vision and commitment 

What are we doing?

Be part of Agua Tica

¿Desea saber cuál es la huella hídrica de su hogar y compensarla?

What is Tica Water?

Agua Tica is the first water fund in Costa Rica. It protects water sources in the Grande and Virilla Rivers sub-watersheds. The fund is a collaboration between civil society organizations, public institutions, and the private sector.


Our mission is to ensure water quantity and quality in our area of influence for the people that live and activities that take place there.


The Problem

The Greater Metropolitan Area confronts a rising pressure on its water resources, given its high population growth, poor urban planning, and changing land uses. Its sub-watersheds suffer the increasingly unhealthy effects of this reality which in turn oblige authorities to take action to ensure water quality and quantity.


The Solution

Based on good science, the fund joins forces with, supports, and prioritizes public-private projects in which to efficiently invest its water conservation resources.

Two people testing water quality

Agua Tica uses science to prioritize investments. In the photograph, Manuel Guerrero and Luis Gamez carry out analysis of physical-chemical water samples.

What Is a Water Fund?


It is an innovative, long-term conservation model that operates in the following manner:


  1. Applying scientific methods, it identifies conservation needs within a specified area

  2. A series of investments and partners contribute technical knowledge and economic resources to a fund administered through transparent financial mechanisms — an endowment, in this case.

  3. These resources are invested in conservation activities in the upper and middle parts of the watershed in order to promote urban water security

We Use a Water Security Approach

The Water Security approach integrates environmental, domestic, economic, urban, and natural hazard resilience factors, ensuring ecosystem integrity.

Agua Tica Strategic Investment Areas


Our Impact


1.9 mill

beneficiary persons


648.000 m³ 

replenished to nature


750 ha

Under forest protection and regeneration schemes

Where do we work?

Agua Tica works in the Grande and Virilla Rivers sub-watersheds that together form the Grand Tarcoles River within whose watershed lives 57% of the nation’s population and also houses the nation’s industrial center. It is, moreover, the country’s most contaminated river.

Map of the Central Valley protection zones.
Logos of organizations working with Agua Tica

Together we go further!

How to support?

Be part of Agua Tica

All the water we will have, we have right now

National Geographic

Latest News

Agua Tica selected among the top five in the world in protection of water resources.

Those in charge of the selection highlighted the potential of the Agua Tica initiative to be adapted, replicated and scaled to achieve a greater global impact.

Our recognitions

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